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- duorum annorum pueris sicut officere -
We've been doing stuff for years and years.
Just getting older and none the wiser.
2 brothers that enjoy doing things that others think are daft and bit over the edge.
What we Can't do is the Freakin Impossible
Generally all the sculpts we print come UNPAINTED and UNASSEMBLED. The item will usually be grey in colour, although this can change from time to time or when we feel like it. The item will be printed in Resin with high quality 3D printers using high quality resin.

When we've printed them the 3D prints are not 100% perfect. There might be some clean up needed using all of usual craft tools knives, files, sandpaper etc. Theere could also be some joints that might need some filler.

Some diarama bases might be printed in PLA, depending on the detail and size. This helps keep prices down.

Some sculpts might come in a few pieces but other times there might be more. Some will have multiple and varied heads, weapons or arms. In all cases it will be up to you to put them together in the pose you like the best, it's up to you.

We make the models in different sizes and whilst some people make them to a particular scale, our go just by height. Usually the basic height is 100-112mm. Than can be made bigger on occasions but it depends on how we can fit it into the printer area.

All measurments are approximate, it is a model after all! Lets face it no-one knows the real height of any of the fantasy figures do they, you could argue about it forever! Anyway, depending on the posture or the base the sculpt might be bigger or smaller. You can try and get an exact size out of us but it won't make any difference as it will still, most probably, be different in the end.

Our prices are calculated by several factors, the amount of resin used, the time it takes to print all of the pieces and some sculpts can take a few days.

You should also be aware that our prices can also depend on the amount of work you want us to do! We can supply them;

  • As they have come off the printer with all supports in place. Up to you to do the necessary.
  • With all the supports removed, except for fragile pieces when these are left intact for shipping.
  • All the supports removed, filled and sanded ready for any very minor finishing by you.
  • All the supports removed, filled sanded and grey base coated.
  • Completely finished and chromed.
  • Completely finshed and rusted.
  • Completely finished and metal finished.
  • Completely finished and fine detail hand painted.

Every sculpt is different and requires a different amount of work. In any event we always try and be fair with the pricing.

When you make an order for a particular item we always try and give you an approximate date when it will be finished. This is an ESTIMATE. Many things can happen that will mean that it doesn't get finish by the original time we thought, so don't get arsey with us if this happens.
"Tristique sapien maecenas suspendisse
vel non lectus, amet est libero urna."

- Augustus Rabellum -
The Artists and Designers
Us 2oldboys are just the printers of these fantastic designs and sculptures. What your paying for is for us to do the messy job of printing these incredible items.

But here is a word from the 2 fantastic artists who are really the ones to thank......................

This is a project created by two passionate designers, Mauricio and Gabriel, aiming to create the most kick ass 3d printable sculpture collection that any single soul into the galaxy (EVEN BEYOND) would desire.

We love Comics, Anime, Manga and videogames. This is what we are, and it's the most important part of our lives. We want to live in it, watch it, read it, eat it and dream it everyday. We want to see it in our house, in our living room, in our bedroom, but we realize that even if there's a lot of cool art and figures outside in the market, they are expensive (REALLY expensive) and we can't afford them all.

So, here comes the boom: We decided to start building the most awesome collection by ourselves. Yes, we know that it's gonna be a ton of work, and there's still a long road to achieve the level we want, but its better to start now and build the road that keep living without it. So, here we are sharing an idea, a vision with you guys. Walk with us in this new challenge, and help us build the sculptures that we, the fans, deserve. We want you to join us in this cruzade, be part of it, build it with us and help us to give you the dream collection each of us desires! Because at the end, when you take a look at your room and see all the cool statues that we build together, you will say: We did it, you crazy son of a bitch, we did it!!!!!!
wicked artists
Captain america sculpture
List of Models and Sculpts we can Print
Ant Man and Wasp Diorama Base Sculpture
Ant Man Bust
Ant Man sculpture
Archangel Bust
Archangel Sculpture
Base Diorama Predator and Naru
Batman Bisley
Billelis Iron man + Mephisto Pumpkin
Black Widow Bust
Black Widow Sculpt
Captain America + Black Panther
Captain America Bust (First Avenger)
Captain America Sculpture
Captain Marvel War Bird Sculpture
Colossus Bust
Colossus Sculpture
Cosmic Ghost Rider Sculpture
Croki Bust
Daredevil Bust
Diorama F4 Base
Doom Slayer Bust
Doom Slayer Diorama
Dr Doom Sculpture
dr strange bust
Fredy Krueger Statue
Ghost Rider Bust
Hawkeye Bust
Hawkeye Statue
Hela Bust
Hulk (Avengers Diorama) Sculpture
Hulk Bust
Hulk Bust (Avengers Diorama)
Hydra Stomper + Cap Carter
Iron Man Bust
Jack O Lantern Bust
Thor Sculpture
Throg Mjolnir 11 scale
war machine
War Tank Sculpture
weapons and deco
Werewolf Bust
Werewolf Sculpture
Punisher Bust 290mm
Hulk bust
Marvel Avengers Rescue Peppe
Wolverine bust
Jack O' Lantern Sculpture
Johnny Storm  Human Torch Scupture
Juggernaut Sculpture
juggernaut wall
Khonshu Sculpture
Loki & Sylvie Diorama Base
Loki Bust
Loki Sculpture
Marvel Killmonger
Marvel Moon Knight
Mephisto Bust
Mephisto Sculpture
Moon Knight Diorama Base and Logo
Moon Knight Sculpture
Mr. Knight Sculpture
Naru Bust
Naru Sculpture
Nebula Sculpture
New folder (2)
Nova Bust
Nova Sculpture
Predator Bust
Predator Sculpture
Reed Richards Bust
Reed Richards Sculpture
Scarlet Scarab Sculpture
Susan Storm Bust
Susan Storm Sculpture
Sylvie Bust
Sylvie Sculpture
The Thing Bust
The Thing Sculpture
The Wasp Bust
Thor Bust + Hammer
Thor Ragnarok 3d Hamm
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